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Family Illness Leave

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Family Illness Leave (FIL) is provided for an employee to care for the employee's child, parent, or spouse when that child, spouse, or parent has a serious health condition. It is not provided for the employee's illness.

Family Illness Leave is an extension of the benefits provided under the Family and Medical Leave policy (FML).

Important change to the Family Illness Leave policy:  Effecitve January 1, 2012, employees must now exhaust their Family and Medical Leave entitlement prior to utilizing benefits under the Family Illness Leave policy.  Employees can no longer use intermittent Family and Medical Leave and intermittent Family Illness Leave concurrently.

Who's Eligible?

An employee's eligibility for Family Illness Leave is based on months of service and hours of work as of the date leave is to commence. An employee is eligible if:

  • The employee's appointment is full-time, permanent, probationary, trainee or time-limited OR
  • The employee is part-time (half-time or more), permanent, probationary, trainee or time-limited AND
  • The employee has 12 months total service with the State and has been in pay status at least 1040 hours during the previous 12 months.

Note: Post Docs, House Officers and Temporary employees are not eligible for Family Illness Leave.

An eligible employee (full-time or part-time) is entitled to up to 52 weeks of leave without pay during a 5-year period to care for the employee's seriously ill child, spouse, or parent. Although this leave is without pay, an employee may elect to cover some or all of the period of leave taken under this policy by using vacation, bonus, sick, or voluntary shared leave. Leave earned under the Compensatory Time policy may also be used.


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