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University Council
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University Council (UC) Function: advises the chancellor on major issues of policy, regulations, programs, and institutional structure through public discussion and debate. UC, which is chaired by the chancellor, is the principal university body where an advisory vote is taken prior to institutional decisions. Composition: executive officers, college deans, dean of the graduate school, vice provost and director of NCSU Libraries, associate vice chancellor for public affairs, student body president, student senate president, association of graduate students president, staff senate chair, staff senate chair-elect, chair of the faculty, and chair-elect of the faculty or secretary of the faculty senate.

Agenda: established by the chancellor

Agendas and minutes online


Executive Officers

Johnny C. Wynne
Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Marvin Malecha,
Dean, College of Design

Kathryn Moore,
Dean, College of Education

Louis Martin-Vega
Dean, College of Engineering

Terri L. Lomax
Dean, Graduate School

Toby L. Parcel
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ira Weiss
Dean, College of Management

Robert D. Brown
Dean, College of Natural Resources

Daniel Solomon
Dean, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Blanton Godfrey
Dean, College of Textiles

Warwick Arden
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Thomas E. H. Conway, Jr.
Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs

Susan Nutter
Vice Provost and Director of NCSU Libraries

Lennie Barton
Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations

Debbie Griffith
Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs

Karen Helm
Director, University Planning and Analysis

Ericka Kranitz
Director, Internal Audit

James Martin
Chair of the Faculty

Hans Kellner
Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate

Bobby Mills
Student Body President

Greg Doucette
Student Senate President

Ling Xiang
Graduate Student Association President

Gail Willis
Chair, Staff Senate

Laura Massengill
Chair-Elect, Staff Senate


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