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Transfer Students

Financial aid cannot be transferred from one institution to another.  If you plan to transfer from another college or university to NC State, you should notify your prior school that you will not return and then apply for aid at NC State.

If you plan to transfer to NC State, you must:

  1. Contact both the NC State Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, and the financial aid office at the institution you currently attend to inform both of your intention to transfer.  Be sure that NC State has a copy of your FAFSA on file, and if not, have a copy of your FAFSA released to NC State. You can add a school at the FAFSA website under "FAFSA Follow-up > Add or Delete a School Code."
  2. If you are receiving, or have been approved for, any Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized/Unsubsidized, Federal PLUS) for the year, you must notify your current institution to cancel your loan at that institution.  You must then reapply for the loan at NC State.

Students who plan to transer between the fall and spring semesters should pay close attention to deadlines because there is so little time between the end of the fall term and the start of the spring term. The same steps above apply regardless of when you intend to begin enrollment.

Additional information about admission and transfer of coursework may be obtained from Undergraduate Admissions Office.