Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Rates Per Semester

Tuition Rates will not be final until the North Carolina Legislature Passes the Budget Bill


An additional $863.50 Mandatory Health Insurance charge will be included on your account unless you waive out of the semester premium charge.

Residents of North Carolina
Hours Tuition Required Fees * Campus Security Fee Total
0-5 $777.50 $291.36 $3.75 $1,072.61
6-8 1,555.00 582.72 7.50 2,145.22
9-11 2,332.50 874.08 11.25 3,217.83
12+ 3,110.00 1,165.44 15.00 4,290.44

Nonresidents of North Carolina
Hours Tuition Required Fees * Campus Security Fee Total
0-5 $2,821.38 $291.36 $3.75 $3,116.49
6-8 5,642.75 582.72 7.50 6,232.97
9-11 8,464.13 874.08 11.25 9,349.46
12+ 11,285.50 1,165.44 15.00 12,465.94

* Students enrolled in the College of Engineering will be charged a COE Program Enhancement Fee. Undergraduates will be charged $250 (12 or more hours), $187.50 (9-11 hours), $125 (6-8 hours), and $62.50 (0-5 hours).

Special Rates

  • Degree Seeking On Campus Student (on-campus subplan) takes either all on-campus courses or a mixture of on-campus and Distance Education (DE) courses:
  • Billed at on-campus stair-step tuition and fees (no extra charge for either DE or on-campus credits above full time level of 9 SCH for a Graduate student or 12 SCH for an Undergraduate student.
  • DE Student (DE subplan) takes all DE courses:
  • All billed at DE rate.
  • DE Student (DE subplan) takes some DE courses and some on campus:
  • Billed at DE rate (tuition and DE fees) for DE courses.
  • Billed at On-campus stair-step tuition and fees for on-campus courses.
  • Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) Students:
  • Billed per credit hour at DE rates for DE classes.
  • Billed at On-campus stair-step tuition and fees for on-campus courses.
  • All Undergraduate Studies (UGS) students are charged at the Undergraduate Rate. Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) students who enroll in any 100-400 level courses only are also charged at the undergraduate rate. PBS students enroll in any 500-800 level courses are charged at the graduate rate for all courses for which they are registered.
  • Cooperative Education Program Fee: $430.00. Students enrolled for both co-op and other course work must pay the rates applicable to both type registrations.
  • Full-time faculty/staff course: Completed waiver for a given semester must be received in the Cashier's Office no later than 5:00 pm on the 10th day of classes for a Fall or Spring semester or the 3rd day of a summer session. For information concerning regulations, please visit Faculty Staff Tuition Waiver Regulations.


  • Undergraduates Degree students: the fee to audit a course is the same as if the course is taken for credit.
  • Graduate Degree students: when registering during the Fall or Spring semester and paying for other on-campus coursework, may register for one on-campus audit course at no charge. Distance Education courses do not qualify as “other on-campus course work” and are not eligible for the free audit.

    When registered for more than one audit course, only one will be free. Any additional audited courses will have the same rates as for credit courses. When registered for an audit course only, the rates are the same as for credit.

    Courses changed to Audit after the 10th day of a Fall or Spring semester are not eligible for the free audit. New audit courses added after the 10th day are not eligible for the free audit.