Parent Information

The University Cashier's Office (UCO) provides depository services to all University departments and billing, financial aid disbursement and account management services to all students. The UCO staff is available to answer questions about your bill, payment options, registration, and much more!

Monthly Billing Statements

NCSU uses an electronic billing system for student charges. Your student will get a message at the e-mail address listed in the MyPACK Portal when a bill has posted. The message is sent from Please white list this address if you use a spam blocker or filtering software. The student will need to set you the parent up with parent/guardian access so that you can view the eBILL and pay online. The student will also need to sign you up to receive the eBILL notice by email.

Payment Services

You may pay on-line via ePay using electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account (no fee) or MasterCard/Diners Club, American Express, or Discover (2.75% fee). Your student must grant you Parent/Guardian access so you can view the eBILL and pay online.

Payments may be mailed to NC State University, PO Box 900013, Raleigh, NC 27675-9013. Since payment mailed to this address are handled by a bank lockbox processing center in Raleigh, please be sure to include the student's full name and 9-digit student ID number on the face of the check. To ensure your payments are applied properly, send a separate check and remittance advice for each student.

Monthly Payment Plan Option

If you would like to pay your education expenses monthly, use the interest-free monthly payment option offered by our partner, Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The monthly payment plan spreads semester (Fall and Spring only) expenses over a five-month period. You determine how much you need to budget for tuition, housing, dining, etc. for either the five (single semester plan) or ten (two semester plan) installment plan. Your monthly TMS payments are forwarded and applied to the student account charges around the 28th of each month. To enroll, contact Tuition Management Systems (TMS) at (800) 356-8329 or on the web at

Direct Deposit

The UCO offers Direct Deposit services to students' checking accounts for their student refunds resulting from credits on a student's account due to financial aid disbursements or overpayment. Encourage your student to sign up for Direct Deposit of refunds; otherwise, checks are mailed to the home/mailing address on file with the Registrar. Students may register online through the MyPACK Portal.

Parent Access Information

If a student wishes for the University Cashier's Office to discuss any details of their account with a parent, guardian or other, they must complete the online authorization through the MyPACK Portal (using the student's Unity ID and password). Students go to "Main Menu", "Student Self Service", "Campus Personal Information", and select the "Parent/Guardian Access" link. Enter the required information. Further information concerning Parent Access can be found on our website at